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CPU 2 x Xeon Cores 3 x Xeon Cores 4 x Xeon Cores

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Each CPU core is based on the latest generation Xeon CPUs, which have a faster thread speed per core than the very fastest i7 CPUs.

RAM 2 Gigabytes 4 Gigabytes 6 Gigabytes

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Our VMs offer the lowest cost price per Gigabyte of ECC RAM in the industry.

The amount of RAM is key to the performance of any Windows Virtual Machine / VPS.

All RAM is commercial quality ECC RAM.

Storage Space SSD 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB

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W2 Cloud uses SSD (Solid State Drive) on all of our Virtual Machines. Solid State drives have a significantly lower failure rate than, older technology, Hard Disk drives and in a virtual server environment give several hundred percentage increase in speed.

We do a daily back of all VPS, each night.

These options are available when ordering.

Bandwidth Low Latency NY Financial Low Latency NY Financial Low Latency NY Financial

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Our servers are located in a leading data center in the financial hub of New York and London. Our servers have a 1-2MS ping time to many of the major Forex brokerages in the world. Please feel free to contact us for a ping test for your preffered broker.

Control Panel VM Manager VM Manager VM Manager

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We offer an administrator control panel portal where you have complete control over your Virtual Machine (VPS). You can reboot the server, power it down and up and monitor some information about the server.

$ 18.50/m NY

$ 21.00/m UK
$ 38.50/m NY

$ 42.00/m UK

$ 69.00/m NY

$ 84.00/m UK

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Plans are billed on a Monthly basis.
There are no contracts or lock-in periods.
We do not charge a setup or exit fee.
We offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on all of our accounts.

Options Available on ordering.

Daily Image Backup (2 Copies Kept) $ Free
Hard Disk Space (Second Drive) 50 Gig $ 5.00 / Month
Additional RAM per Gigabyte $ 10.00 Per Gig / Month
Additional Storage Space SSD $ 3.00 Per Gig / Month
Extra CPU Core $ 12.50 Per Core / Month

New York Wall Street
UK - London

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